“By the way, feeling your music! SaLil Wynette, I was checking out your music on Reverbnation and loved it! You really should be bigger then what you are now with all that talent!””

— Jack Marisso, Cronic Beats

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Lagging behind is a feeling that no one should ever have to experience, but SáLil Wynette has become one of many living embodiments only to show how one can propel forward in lieu of constant reminders of failures, setbacks, mishaps, and ultimately by bondage. By blending Spanish and English into hook-filled melodies within hard and heavy guitar riffs and beats, SáLil Wynette demonstrates her bilingual writing skills and capabilities to compress and express all of her pessimistic experiences to influence others through a singular note sung and played in her music. 

She relates to all generations as her platform is life with the simple message to "PUSH," Pray Until Something Happens despite any feelings or lack thereof from the past, present, and future circumstances. Listeners leave her presence inspired to become more victorious, build a relationship with Christ, and love themselves unconditionally in the manner that Jesus loves us. 

Her sound is like no other which has recently afforded her with opportunities to minister and perform at various churches and venues across the country such as The World's Famous Apollo Theater, Winthrop University, University of South Carolina, Allen University, The Marriott Hotel, Gullah Festival, Sweet Potato Festival,  Juneteenth Festival, Kaleidoscope Festival, 39th Annual Jubilee Festival, Lift Up Atlanta Summer Fun Festival, Black History Parade & Festival, The Gospel Fest, Praise Fest, and The Impact Leadership Conference.  She has a voice that needs to be heard,  a story that needs to be told, and music with lyrics that will not only impact, but change nations.